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Online marketing— galactic, successful and particularly broad-based! This is what an online marketing plan looks like at all levels and channels at alphanauten in Unna. We deliver measurable marketing success and we offer the corresponding references. Online marketing at alphanauten is based on the following basic pillars of online marketing.

Online marketing for Shopware and other ERP

Every marketing agency in Germany has a specific area in which a lot of success has been achieved. And where a large part of the expertise lies. For us, the alphanauten from Unna, our marketing specialty lies in the Shopware eCommerce system.

We deliver marketing for Shopware customers and we create a perfect marketing plan for all other major ERP systems. But we have also proven ourselves outside of the Shopware cosmos. Online and offline marketing is in our DNA. We are able to further expand your online marketing and supplement the program with many interesting offline approaches.

Online marketing from an award-winning German digital agency? Can you afford that? Yes, you can afford absolute premium online marketing! Why? Because the income from your next online marketing campaign allows it. In German and very briefly, online marketing with the alphanauten is worth every cent.

Be f***ing awesome too! Online Marketing— the alphanauten are here! Galactic online marketing from Unna in Germany is now available at a particularly fair price. You book 100% expertise from a team of over 10 marketing specialists. We are true experts, we have compiled our knowledge from all areas of marketing. And we pass on exactly the formula for success to you.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing is not just marketing

The alphanauten combine creativity with technology; we are detailed and complex. Just like every customer, every online marketing plan at alphanauten is individual, unique and full of passion. Enclosed you will find a list of the various online marketing areas in our company with descriptions.

Online Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The alphanauten from Unna offer various services in the area of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves, among other things, optimizing a website to rank higher in the SERPs for certain keywords or phrases. This can help increase visibility, drive more organic traffic to the site, and improve overall rankings.

For us, online marketing runs parallel to optimal SEO alignment. With alphanauten , your marketing is guaranteed to be seen and displayed by all search engines!

Online Marketing / Content (SEM)

Online marketing is usually based on appropriate content. That's why it is important to market this optimally. We are talking about search engine marketing (SEM), in which the content is created and promoted in a targeted manner. Galactic SEO content from our in-house marketing specialists appeals to customers. And the search engine robots also love the content. And the perfect content online marketing begins with a solid technical basis.

With really hot content, your advertising costs will also be reduced. Online advertising with a perfect ad score is worth it. Let our online marketing team advise you on how you can use your SEO content for advertising campaigns. We combine all regular content marketing principles. SEO and SEA are always fundamentally part of search engine online marketing (SEM).

Online Marketing / Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media online marketing with the alphanauten team from Unna, a success across the arena. Social media, online marketing includes the use of various social media platforms to optimally advertise a company, its products or services and its brand.

The goal is to reach and engage with a target audience, build brand awareness and increase traffic and sales. Every Top 500 brand has an entire department of social media specialists on board. Now you can also build your social media success through clever online marketing.

Online Marketing / Email Marketing (Newsletter)

Online marketing definitely doesn’t just take place on your homepage. Professional online marketing uses all channels. Newsletters are still a very strong channel for any online marketing campaigns. Email online marketing with the alphanauten can beam your eCommerce project into the next galaxy.

Contact us today and we will discuss your Email Marketing calendar and all individual campaigns together. With the alphanauten you will have a personal project partner at your side throughout. You will also have a contact person and we look forward to our first conversation with you.

Online marketing from our award-winning projects

Customers who trust our online marketing...

Online marketing made by alphanauten

We explain the various possible steps to efficient online marketing. You add various elements to the order as required and together we will set off on a galactic success on the internet that is still unknown to you. Online marketing made by alphanauten— let’s go!



Online marketing 100% individual

In our opinion, there is no global and perfect marketing plan. What are the basic marketing rules and learnings from previous successful campaigns? Your marketing plan is based on exactly this valuable experience. Book online marketing 100% individually and plannable with an award-winning agency near you, why not?

Online marketing for a new online shop

Nowadays the Internet is oversaturated with online shops in many areas. You can no longer make it without or only with mediocre marketing. That is a fact and unfortunately the bitter reality. The Internet is like a supermarket shelf, only the best ones make it onto the display. And once you get there, you have to do everything you can to get the customers' attention. Invest in the success of your new online shop and check whether online marketing with us is an option.

Online marketing for a shop relaunch

Once you have combined all your strengths and a shop relaunch becomes a reality, then you have to do everything you can to get the message out to the world. Your online marketing for a shop relaunch is essential. Put the trust and the future of successful online marketing in our hands. We know how to convey the happy message about the shop relaunch to the customer. PR messages and social media postings for online marketing of a relaunch are classic. At alphanauten we know many other marketing tools and channels to get your new look off to a great start.

Online marketing— individual shop areas

Online marketing does not have to refer to an entire brand or a complete eCommerce online shop. Of course, it can also be the case that you only want to promote a certain area. A category with top sellers or a product with particularly good margins. The alphanauten from Unna are happy to advise you on your chances of successful online marketing of individual shop areas. Contact us now and tell us about your ideas for the next online marketing campaign.

Building brand awareness— brand online marketing

Your new brand needs to gain exposure! Online marketing is the way to get there. New customers will find a brand online, provided you present the right advertising materials in the right places and at the right time. Branding or brand online marketing is in our blood. You've already read and seen it here on our agency website, alphanauten copywriters and marketing specialists come from another planet. Use our strengths and benefit from very successful branding for your brand on the Internet. Our references speak for themselves, see for yourself here in our portfolio.

In addition to modern and future-oriented online marketing plans, you are 100% at the right address for any Shopware shop and Shopware plugin developments or design work. We design, develop and we advise. Find out more about our consulting services and various consulting services here. Thank you for visiting our page(s). We look forward to getting in touch with you in the near future.

Online Marketing FAQs @ alphanauten

You cannot set a flat rate for online marketing because it depends on many factors: scope of marketing activities, industry, target market, product type etc. Globally, the costs for professional online marketing range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros per month.

Some of the ongoing costs that may be incurred in various online marketing campaigns are:

  • Advertising costs for search engine advertising or social ads
  • Costs for creating a website or a new landing page
  • Costs for content such as blog posts, infographics or videos
  • Costs for influencer marketing or affiliate marketing
  • Costs for professional photography, video production and/or graphic design to produce the campaign in a high-quality manner

It is also important to note that online marketing is a continuous investment, as it may be necessary to regularly invest in advertising campaigns in order to achieve good visibility and maintain the interest of the target group over a longer period of time. In every good business plan, an appropriate marketing budget is reserved.

Online marketing, also known as digital marketing or internet marketing, refers to the use of digital channels and technologies to promote and sell brands, products or services. It differs from traditional marketing by focusing on the use of the Internet and electronic devices.

At the alphanauten in Unna, we make a smooth transition between the digital and the analog world. If you wish, we can translate your online marketing campaign(s) into very appealing offline promotions. We have the expertise in-house to switch from digital graphic design to, for example, packaging design including re-branding.

Yes, if the online marketing done correctly it can help increase sales. It offers companies the opportunity to reach a large, possibly new target group and build a close relationship with them. By using strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), content marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM), a company can greatly increase its visibility on the Internet and thus strengthen its brand awareness in the long term.

A well-planned and executed online marketing campaign can help a business generate more traffic to its website, sell more of its products or services and ultimately achieve higher sales. However, it is important to note that online marketing does not guarantee an increase in sales and it is important to regularly review all goals and adjust if necessary to achieve the best results (ROI).

The ALPHANAUTEN — the right choice for your online marketing agency

  1. Target group-specific online marketing
  2. We listen and talk!
  3. We are award-winning!
  4. We work with the latest technologies
  5. Regular training
  6. Online Marketing Made in Ruhrpott

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