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The alphanauten digital agency from Unna in Germany is your new award-winning Shopware partner. We are a certified Shopware agency. With us, eCommerce marketing professionals work hand in hand with SEO technicians and certified Shopware template designers. See for yourself now why we are a German Shopware agency with added value.

Shopware agency with galactic services

Shopware systems from Germany and an award-winning agency with galactic achievements? What’s behind it? Why are all alphanauten customers so convinced and so satisfied? The answer is simple, we give it our all every day! Below you will find a glimpse of our services as a Shopware agency.

List of Shopware Agency services with description:​

Galactic advantages of a Shopware agency

Shopware consultation

A German-speaking, highly motivated and innovative team of certified Shopware programmers, project managers and marketing specialists is clearly available for your first Shopware consultation at alphanauten in Unna.

Shopware strategies

Content Commerce Strategies from another planet. We deliver Shopware strategies that fully develop your galactic potential. Start your engines with our Shopware strategies. Contact us with your ideas and we will implement them into concrete online and offline commerce strategies.

Shopware design

How good is the design of an award-winning German Shopware agency? It's galactically good! The alphanauten impress with Shopware designs of the highest standards. We can’t just do 'beautiful'. We build fast, secure and 100% future-oriented Shopware designs.

Shopware 6 and 5 programming

An important pillar of your next Shopware consultation with the alphanauten is the programming work. Our in-house developers and database specialists are involved in planning and advising our new Shopware customers on a daily basis. All alphanauten programmers are certified and talented code heroes. Connoisseurs celebrate our Shopware developments, which are 100% based on the Shopware cornerstones.

Shopware plugins

Do you urgently need technically experienced advice on your Shopware plugins? Or do you urgently need a new, individual Shopware plugin? The alphanauten are the first address. The implementation of individual Shopware plugins is possible within a few weeks.


Advice on various Shopware interfaces is very important. Trust in our Shopware expertise before you start work on large new orders. If your new Shopware app or an important external system does not communicate sufficiently with your base; then trouble is inevitable. The alphanauten will be happy to advise you on all available Shopware interfaces. EDI interfaces, ERP connection between Shopware and Magento, Shopify or Plentymarkets. The alphanauten is the Shopware Connector professionals with over 10 in-house developers. Contact us now and benefit from valuable Shopware interface advice from Unna.

Support and maintenance

We advise on existing Shopware support contracts. As well as future contracts for regular support and maintenance. Every Shopware system with a commercial rationale must ensure the best possible maintenance of all running systems. The best support is always available and provides a good solution at the push of a button. Welcome to the alphanauten, we are known for our galactic Shopware support services. An extra mile for the customer is not enough for us. We leave the comfort zone so that your support result goes optimal.

Shopware marketing

Shopware is a dream for every marketing manager. Provided that your marketing team knows how to best use the Shopware 5 or Shopware 6 system for their own marketing. During many Shopware consultations in the past, we noticed that in many successful companies over 50% of the great opportunities were not used. If you make good use of all the marketing options offered in a Shopware system, then the two to three-digit return is no longer magic. Get consultation from the alphanauten from Unna in Germany, we know where your current Shopware Online Marketing isn't (yet) running smoothly.

Partnership & further development

Every single alphanauten team member lives and feels with their Shopware projects. We are very strongly and personally connected to our customer projects. Valuable partnerships and priceless further developments often arise from our conservations. We live the idea of a strong partnership. Networks around our certified Shopware agency help our customers on their way to a higher galaxy. Who doesn't want to develop? Start your engines and contact the alphanauten!

Shopware projects next level!​

Customers who trust the alphnauten...

We are proud that we as a Shopware agency and with our core competencies are great and
allowed to make companies even greater.

This is how Shopware agency projects work at alphanauten



What different projects are there at our Shopware agency?

Shopware 6 projects

At the top of the list of current alphanauten projects are Shopware 6 works. The current Shopware system is (already) in use by many customers and requires a lot of consultation from some of the inexperienced users.

Shopware 5 projects

Consultation on older Shopware 5 projects is also the order of the day in our Shopware agency. How can a migration to the new Shopware 6 system work? We provide you with comprehensive and technically experienced advice. The alphanauten are an award-winning Shopware agency with an innovative migration solution up their sleeve.

Shopware Produktkonfiguratoren

Shopware Produktkonfiguratoren lassen jede Variante und jedes Produktbundle im richtigen Licht erscheinen. Wir liefern angesagte und intuitive Shopware Produktkonfiguratoren. Frag uns zu unseren Shopware Produktkonfigurator Entwicklungen und den entsprechenden Referenzen. Wir stellen dir gerne die besten Konfiguratoren für deine Varianten im Livebetrieb vor.

Shopware plugins and apps

At the end of a productive consultation there is often an order for a new Shopware app. Or an idea for a new Shopware plugin. The alphanauten from Unna are the right partner for development. Let’s talk and fully develop your potential. You will be amazed at how cheap the tariff is compared to the benefits of developing your own software solutions.

Shopware performance optimization

Performance optimization for loading times, checkout or product images. The approaches are diverse and the impact itself is even greater. The alphanauten love performance and we optimize daily. The entire Shopware community is sure, performance first! Off to galactic achievements with the German alphanauten team.

Shopware shop further development

As a certified Shopware agency, we stand for innovations and constant development. Today’s know-how forms the basis for tomorrow. As an alphanauten digital agency, we offer specific future concepts for our eCommerce customers. Should we grow together? We say yes and welcome you and your project to us.

Shopware Agency FAQs

Questions about the alphanauten Shopware agency

At alphanauten we develop new Shopware 6 shops quickly and efficiently. Start with us at the speed of light towards a new shop design.

As a rule, acceptance by the customer takes place within 8-10 weeks. Complex Shopware projects take a longer time. Small innovative project inquiries are just as welcome as all large Shopware business cases. The alphanauten look forward to your inquiry.

Depending on the Shopware edition, certain regular costs arise. The draft and a marketing plan for the new Shopware project are fixed cost items. The alphanauten from Unna offer very attractive rates for all Shopware agency services.

You can choose from a fixed price offer, or you can opt for a combined contract including regular services. We are your new German Shopware full service agency.

If you run a Shopware shop with an eye on the future, then switching from Shopware 5 to 6 makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, the change is very fluid. Many Shopware 5 plugins are still fully supported today. But this is exactly where the big problem lies. In the foreseeable future there will be less and less support for Shopware 5 plugins. There comes a point in time when a change not only makes sense, but also becomes very safety-relevant.

At alphanauten we work according to clearly defined hourly rates. Of course, it is also possible to book a whole contingent of hours, which are then calculated as required. Your Shopware project will be billed 100% according to your options and wishes. Request an offer now, go to the alphanauten‘s contact page.

The alphanauten Shopware developers program in an identical development environment as we have all Shopware in-house developers. We are completely guided by the high standards of Shopware. Only the latest technologies are used. See yourself on site and visit our new agency headquarters in Unna.

Yes, that is possible. Whether it is ultimately efficient, economical and with sufficient potential; As an entrepreneur, you have to decide for yourself. One thing is certain: if you invest intelligently and rely on a capable Shopware agency, then you will reach your goal more quickly.

The alphanauten Shopware agency from Unna is there for you! Both before the project, during execution and long after the final acceptance. Our customers send us a short WhatsApp message, call us or come by in person.

Help and support after the actual project is a matter of honor and we are there for you. No ifs or buts, with us no customer is left out in the cold after the project is completed. Read the alphanauten agency Bullet Points below and convince yourself of our special qualities.

The ALPHANAUTEN— the right choice for your Shopware agency

  1. Strategic target group-specific approach
  2. We listen and talk!
  3. We are award-winning!
  4. We work with the latest Shopware technologies
  5. Regular training for programmers
  6. Shopware made in Ruhrpott

The best success stories of a Shopware agency are still written by the customers themselves

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