Shopware design from the award-winning agency

Shopware designs are galactically beautiful and performant

Shopware design for Shopware 6 and Shopware 5

The alphanauten digital agency from Unna in Ruhrpott, in the middle of Germany. We are competent, award-winning and consistently rated very positively by all partners. Shopware designs at a high level, so you can beam your project into a new galaxy with us in no time.

Shopware designs are not just digital designs

The alphanauten from Unna deliver galactic Shopware designs down to the smallest detail. Below is a list of the different design areas with descriptions. Don’t hesitate and book us for your Shopware relaunch if necessary, including design drafts. In our large creative department, a number of UX, UI and web designers are clearly responsible for all tasks. If necessary, our project managers will coordinate all processes. Or you can get advice so that your internal management is entrusted with the finer points of design development. We advise, we carry out, and we shine with out-of-the-box solutions!

Shopware themes

Shopware themes are in high demand and absolutely trendy. Temporary styling that goes hand in hand with your marketing? For example, a ruby red Christmas shop! We the alphanauten are your partner for Shopware 5 and 6 themes of all kinds.

Shopware templates

A Shopware template is the basis for your new Shopware shop. We build modern Shopware 6 templates, also new Shopware 5 templates. All of this is 100% Shopware compliant, we program and design according to Shopware specifications and your personal wishes.

Shopware worlds of experience

The Shopware worlds of experience contain incredible potential. Have you discovered Shopware Goldgrub for yourself and your customers? Contact us and we will show you what else is possible with a view of the adventure worlds.

Shopware UX design

User Experience, or UX for short, comes first. Is your Shopware shop easily accessible to digital visitor inquiries? UX design at the highest level! We don't just design beautiful shops, we build UX design wonders. Intuitive and technically savvy.

Shopware UI design

Interfaces from another planet. Fast, stable and completely future-oriented. Let our UI design suggestions grab you now. The alphanauten design user interfaces that do not raise any questions for the user. And which consistently fulfill their purpose without errors.

More information on the following page: alphanauten UX/UI Design.

Shopware landing pages

In our world, LPs are not vinyl records, but landing pages. Better said, Shopware landing pages. The alphanauten specialists from the eCommerce world will build your next Shopware landing pages, SEO compliant, UX optimized and also completely according to your ideas.

Shopware design optimization

Not every Shopware design passes the various tests in practice. No matter where things go wrong with your design, we have a clear solution.

For example, are you sure that all of your important elements are displayed correctly on a SMART TV? Oh ha, now we've caught you off guard.

Newsletter design

If you have surfed here, then we will not explain to you how great the potential of your newsletter is. You already know that. You need an awesome design that outshines your competition. Luckily, the alphanauten exist. We design, program and send the most successful newsletters.

P.S. We are premium partners of Clever Reach!

Shopware design from our award-winning projects

Customers who trust our Shopware design...

We are proud that we are doing great things with our core competencies
allowed to make companies even greater.

Shopware design made by alphanauten

Shopware designs are always individual ❤️

Shopware design for a new shop

A new Shopware design for a new shop is like a renovation in a local specialist retailer. You tear out the walls and an interior designer comes over. Trust the alphanauten from Unna for your next new Shopware design. We are renovation experts for all (old) Shopware shops.

Design update for a shop relaunch

We don’t do old and boring designs! Not even if you ask us to. We are building the future of design. That’s what we’re known for. And we received various prizes for this. Plan your Shopware relaunch together with our technicians, designers and graphic artists.

UX and UI optimization for individual shop areas

User interfaces (UI) thrive on a very good user experience (UX). Then why don’t you finally optimize your most important shop areas? Small to medium-sized design adjustments can improve sales! Let the alphanauten from Unna advise you now on UX and UI optimization for individual shop areas.

UX and UI design for a Shopware app (e.g. PWA)

An app only works as well as its design and UX are. Are you using a Shopware app with a poorly considered UI design? UX and UI design for a Shopware app (e.g. PWA) is one of the diverse Shopware design requests we regularly receive.




Questions about Shopware design and agencies

You decide on the costs for your new Shopware design. Can you implement recommendations yourself? Or would you rather have an all-inclusive option? Offer received? Contact us with all the key data and we will calculate the individual costs for the respective Shopware design.

In German it’s about the user experience. Accessibility and intuitive operation are the goal of good UX design. The user’s mouse should be where your buttons are.

A user interface design includes many small areas in which the best UX is determined. The result is a portal in which the user experience leaves nothing to be desired. We say UI design is a must for every new online project.

Responsive means that your design is perfect on every screen and for every user. Since the 2020s, four or five designs are no longer enough. Static web graphics have had their day. We see web design in a similar way to a modern videographer. alphanauten think and design in circles. This means that every design is optimally visible on every screen, whether horizontal or vertical.

Nope, we get orders for new designs for personal reasons, because we want it to look nicer, or because it’s time to show something new again. All jokes aside, we all want, need and can increase our sales.

A new design is a well-known and very efficient means of increasing sales. Call us now or send us an email. We would be happy if your sales were increased by a new alphanauten Shopware design.

The ALPHANAUTEN— the right choice of your Shopware design agency

  1. Strategic target group-specific approach
  2. We listen and talk!
  3. We are award-winning!
  4. We work with the latest technologies
  5. Regular training
  6. Design made in Ruhrpott

In addition to special Shopware designs, you can also book the alphanauten crew for all global web design projects. If you wish, we will also process your new design directly into a marketing plan by our online marketing department.

The best success stories of a Shopware agency are still written by the customers themselves

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