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Shopware advice and Shopware advice have a big difference. The alphanauten provide Shopware advice based on the expertise of several Shopware professional users. We offer bundled practical knowledge in-house, based on over 20 permanent employees. Here, every customer benefits from a whole range of consulting services from various consultants relating to the respective Shopware project.

The alphanauten digital agency from Unna in the Ruhrpott, in the middle of Germany, is competent, award-winning and consistently rated very positively by all partners. Shopware advice at a high level, so you can beam your project into a new galaxy with us in no time.

Our galactic Shopware advice in detail

The alphanauten from Unna provide galactic Shopware advice down to the smallest detail. No question remains unanswered. We explain and advise in such a way that our customers understand us. If desired, very technical and detailed, or very understandable and in a compressed way.

Here you will find a list of our various Shopware Consulting services with a description.

We solve problems and are successful

Shopware technical support

Every Shopware project thrives on good, professional technical support. It doesn’t work without technical knowledge. We, the alphanauten from Unna, offer technical support without detours and without long communication loops. Behind every technology ticket there is a face and a project in which we feel involved. We deliver Shopware support with heart and love for technical details. Discover a selection of the most popular alphanauten Shopware support options here.

Shopware funding advice

Many Shopware shops ignore valuable funding?

Why actually? It is often the German bureaucracy that represents a supposed barrier. The alphanauten are very experienced when it comes to finding and applying for the right funding for your Shopware project. Trust in us and get non-binding advice today.

Shopware workshops

Workshops on a logical level, so that every course participant goes home with a lot of new knowledge and ideas.

We completely adapt our Shopware workshops to our customers. Lectures are a thing of the past, we offer a hands-on mentality and an extra portion of practical experience.

Shopware strategy consulting

Consulting and strategy advice on all essential questions about every Shopware project. The alphanauten shine with many years of practical experience. Our strategy and business consultancies are in great demand.

Benefit from our knowledge and get comprehensive advice on a successful Shopware CMS and a possible associated ERP system.

Shopware project consulting

We provide you with comprehensive and goal-oriented advice on your Shopware project. If you wish, we will create a roadmap for the (further) development of your Shopware project. We are the alphanauten digital agency and are clearly responsible for your next Shopware project consultation.

Start-up advice

Start-up advice from German-speaking Shopware professionals, in the middle of Unna. We know the scene and we know where there is funding for your new start-up. Let us advise you now on possible problems and difficulties in your start-up. Start-up consulting is in our blood; we started out as a small company on the big market!

Logistics optimization

At the moment, logistics is almost synonymous with problems in retail. Hardly any entrepreneur is not affected. Valued logistics processes may need to be set up new and in a different form. Very often, even well-functioning logistics processes offer a lot of scope for optimization. The alphanauten are your first point of contact when it comes to the topic of logistics optimization.

Shopware advice next level!

Customers who trust our Shopware support...

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This is how a Shopware consultation with us could work

In which areas do we offer Shopware advice?


FAQ Shopware advice

Questions about consulting and Shopware advice

Comprehensive Shopware advice from a German agency costs little compared to the benefits and quality. Forego empty promises and trust in the real Shopware professionals from now on!

The question is difficult to answer globally. A .de domain in conjunction with a Shopware system is ideally hosted in German-speaking countries. In some circumstances, Dublin or perhaps another city may be a better location for your hosting.

Every smart entrepreneur seeks advice from appropriate experts when making difficult decisions. Shopware is complex and, depending on the context, may not reach the intended target. Avoid costly mistakes and let us advise you before you begin.

There are all kinds of workshops at alphanauten. We love working together as a team on a task. Our workshops are also very, very popular. Every customer notices straight away that the alphanauten like to communicate and work in a group.

An update means that you install a new version of your software. The updating process is the crux of the matter. We know how to carry out an update and what steps are necessary before the update. Say yes, and we’ll guide you through the next Shopware shop update and demonstrate how the professionals do it.

The ALPHANAUTEN— the right choice for your Shopware agency

  1. Strategic target group-specific approach
  2. We listen and talk!
  3. We are award-winning!
  4. We work with the latest technologies
  5. Regular Shopware training courses
  6. SW support and advice— Made in Ruhrpott

Your alphanauten Digital Crew is an official certified Shopware agency. Starting with various Shopware consulting services, through Shopware design and relaunch projects to individual Shopware product configurators; you have come to the right (web) address. Perhaps we could also introduce you to our in-house Shopware plugin developments at this point. We also design future-oriented apps. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to advise you at any time. Attached are all our contact details.

The best success stories of a Shopware agency are still written by the customers themselves

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