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Support options from certified German-speaking developers for Shopware projects of every type and scope. The alphanauten from Unna are Germany’s friendly Shopware support agency. All services can be booked individually. Find out now about the various support services.

Shopware support is fast, professional and uncomplicated

In our opinion, a mere list of fixed support services makes little sense. Every project requires individual support. The alphanauten Shopware support options are also very diverse. On our website you will find a global list of different or requested support options for your Shopware project.

We solve problems and are successful

Shopware technical support

Every Shopware project thrives on good, professional technical support. It doesn’t work without technical knowledge. We, the alphanauten from Unna, offer technical support without detours and without long communication loops. Behind every technology ticket there is a face and a project in which we feel involved. We deliver Shopware support with heart and love for technical details.

Discover a selection of the most popular alphanauten Shopware support requests with a technical background.

Programming error

There will always be some bugs and patches. We say programming errors are there to be found! With quick patches you can create emergency solutions that ultimately lead to stable technology versions. Our in-house programmers do not accept half solutions and find a chic Shopware technology update for every problem.

Extensions programming

Would you like a little something extra for your Shopware shop? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and shine with individual plugin or app extensions? Here at alphanauten we design exclusive Shopware extensions 100% according to customer requirements.

Plugin problems

A Shopware plugin is supposed to solve a problem. However, if your Shopware plugin causes a disruption in the process, then you have a problem. Call us if you have this type of problem. And let the alphanauten Shopware technicians solve your plugin problem.

Page speed optimization

Since the last Google updates and adjustments, every webmaster has understood it. It's all about loading times. The search engines are merciless when it comes to values such as the First Contentful Paint (FCP) score. We are the masters of creating fast loading times. The virtual stopwatch for your project is clear. Contact us today.

Interface error

An interface error is usually a complicated and complex error. Does the source or perhaps the receiver also need to be modified? The alphanauten from Unna optimize your interfaces and ensure everything runs smoothly. We would be happy if we could build an exclusive connecter (without errors) for your Shopware project.

Shopware SEO

Technical SEO and optimal performance go hand in hand. With the alphanauten's SEO Suite plugin you can visualize all the important metrics related to the status of the SEO data for your Shopware shop. We not only shine with good SEO content, all technical SEO points are always taken into account in the background. Shopware SEO is another highly sought-after service.

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Questions about agencies and Shopware support

The alphanauten is an experienced agency that specializes in Shopware and has extensive knowledge and experience. They offer individual and personal support and can help with all aspects of Shopware, such as design, development, hosting and marketing. In addition, we also offer training and consulting services.

We, the alphanauten, offer support by phone, email or in your own ticket system. Contact information is available on each page here. We offer different Shopware support plans depending on the customer’s needs and requirements.

The alphanauten guarantee a quick response time to support requests and strive to respond within 24 hours. However, depending on the urgency of the request, the response time may vary. Customers with a paid support plan receive priority treatment and faster response times.

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