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Shopware relaunch (Shopware 6)

A Shopware relaunch for your new Shopware 6 shop is a pleasure for all the senses! If you rely on the alphanauten team when you restart. We make sure that your Shopware relaunch doesn’t fall through. We deliver premium Shopware projects to the highest standards. Shopware relaunches for Shopware 6 from the heart of Unna.

Shopware relaunch from A to Z

The alphanauten crew explains how a Shopware relaunch works. From A to Z, this is how the move from the old to the new with optimized system. In most cases it is about a relaunch after a Shopware upgrade. Many customers are currently replacing version 5 with version 6.

At the same time, it is advisable to give the new Shopware shop a frontend upgrade or an SEO update with a Shopware relaunch. Or would you like to move your Shopware shop including backend to the Cloud Edition? Our development team also has extensive experience in this area.

Many galactic advantages through a Shopware relaunch with an agency

Planning and conception of a Shopware relaunch strategy

A relaunch of your Shopware system must be well planned. Trust in our practical knowledge and our great expertise. We know which system areas are critical. And we know how to plan a successful Shopware relaunch strategy.

Carrying out a relaunch workshop with our consultants

The conception phase is followed by a Shopware relaunch workshop. Our Shopware Consultant team ensures a productive and clear process. We show your team our timeline. The Shopware relaunch is about to be implemented.

Project management by our project managers

Overview, security and full control... Three points on which you can count 100% on your personal alphanauten Project Manager. We use a vast collection of online planning tools. Every single step is monitored and optimized if necessary.

SEO ready including redirects

Your SEO power and your link juice are not lost through a Shopware relaunch. At least not if you hire the right SEO and Shopware professionals. The alphanauten are your new Shopware team with all the know-how in house, so that your Shopware restart will be a complete success.

Our successful Shopware relaunches

We are proud that we are doing great things with our core competencies
allowed to make companies even greater.

A Shopware relaunch step by step


FAQs Shopware restarts / relaunches

Questions about a Shopware relaunch

A Shopware relaunch is complex and system-critical. Of course there are costs involved. We calculate the individual costs for your Shopware relaunch 100% individually. Please contact us here and we will create an attractive offer.

All old and all new systems must continue to work in harmony. A Shopware relaunch must not represent a deterioration. There may be problems with data, plugins, internet browsers, mobile displays… the list is very long. Our tip: trust the service of a renowned and technically experienced agency.

If you run a Shopware shop with an eye on the future, then switching from Shopware 5 to 6 makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, the change is very fluid. Many Shopware 5 plugins are still fully supported today. But this is exactly where the big problem lies. In the foreseeable future there will be less and less support for Shopware 5 plugins. There comes a point in time when a change not only makes sense, but also becomes very safety-relevant.

Thank God, or should we say thank Shopware! It is possible to migrate relevant and historical data from the old Shopware 5 system to the new Shopware 6 system. Data migration is often even legally necessary. German entrepreneurs have an obligation when it comes to data on sales and trading partners. Important data sets need to be migrated!

A Shopware relaunch is a complex operation. We at alphanauten offer a step-by-step system for every Shopware relaunch. The individual phases are each at least one to two weeks long. Overall, a Shopware relaunch takes around two to three months.

If in doubt, book an initial consultation before the relaunch becomes critical. The more time there is for a relaunch, the smoother and more targeted the restart will be. If half of your system is already very outdated, we will discuss with you the option of a completely new system.

We’ll tell you honestly whether a relaunch makes sense. Or whether it would be better to design a new system based on Shopware 6 in parallel.

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