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When it comes to the marketing purpose of your product or communicating with your prospective customers then a live chat is really a lifesaver. There are lots of live chat plugins for WordPress websites. But in this blog post, I will let know the 11 Best free live chat plugins for WordPress websites. So, without any further delay let’s jump into the main topic.

Best free live chat plugin for WordPress

Selecting the Best free live chat plugin for WordPress won’t be an easy job at all. Because everyone has their own choice and feelings about any product. But after deep research, we have made a comprehensive list of the best live chat plugins for WordPress websites that can be used for free.

WordPress is really a popular Content Management System (CMS). As WordPress is a very popular CMS, they have many many plugins and some of the plugins are very popular. As we are looking for the best free live chat plugin for WordPress, we will try to find that by deep digging into out.

How to choose the best free live chat plugin?

How to choose the best free live chat plugin? Really a big question! There are many live chat plugins out there. But how do you choose the best chat plugin for your website? To find that out, we will compare the features and ease of use of the plugin to find the best free live chat plugin.

Best free live chat plugin for WordPress
Best free live chat plugin: can give you more conversion

Why do you need to choose the live chat plugin?

As you already know, a live chat plugin adds a live chat option to your website. And this option allows website visitors to communicate with you in a real-time basis. Live chat is a great way to provide customer support, increase your sales, and collect feedback from present and future customers.

In this way, you will have more conversion and sell which means more money. And who doesn’t know for a business, earning money is the main success bar. I hope you understand why you need a live chat plugin on your website.

11 Best free live chat plugins for WordPress

In this section, we will let you know the best chat plugins for your WordPress website. Not only that, but I will also let you know their features, pros and cons at the same time as well. We will try to add them as per their ratings on WordPress Plugins Gallery.

Free live chat plugins

Best free live chat plugins list

There are many live chat plugins out there. But we will only add here the best ones that have good ratings from the plugin users. So let’s check the plugins list as below. You can choose anyone from this list as per your need.

JivoChat WP live chat plugin

In our list, we want to give the first place to JivoChat WP live chat plugin. You may ask, why? The answer is very simple. In the WordPress Plugin directory, we see, as of today they have 661 ratings with 5 stars. Though they have only 30,000+ active downloads, nevertheless their ratings prove their popularity.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution then JivoChat could be a great solution. JivoChat will give you chance to serve efficiently to your customer. By giving support to your clients you can increase conversion and sales. As per their claim, it’s super optimized for WordPress which will give you the option to do live chat, have phone calls, email, and social apps integration as well.

Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Another popular Live Chat Plugin is Tidio Live Chat Plugin. As of today, they have 313 ratings with 5 stars. Tidio Chat Plugin has more than 100,000 active downloads. This plugin is offering multifunctional services that enable customer support which can generate more sales and leads. Tidio chat plugin offers live chat and chatbots including Messenger from Facebook, Instagram and email integration as well. That means you can manage all these options from one control panel.

Crisp – Live Chat and Chatbot

Though the Crisp chat plugin hasn’t much download as like JivoChat nevertheless, it’s also another popular chat plugin on WordPress Plugin Gallery. As of of today they have 53 ratings with 5*. They have also supported chat options for iOS and Android. WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot for Messenger

WP-Chatbot for Messenger plugin isn’t much popular compared to others. It has 10,000 active downloads as of today. You can integrate your Facebook Business Page and Facebook Messenger on your website by using WP-Chatbot for Messenger plugin.

Live Chat by Customerly

As of today Live Chat by Customerly has 1000+ active users. It has 24 ratings only. I am not sure why they have fewer downloads though they claimed they have lots of features. Such as chat notifications, video live chat and screen share, welcome messages, pre-chat surveys, chat icons, agent profiles live chat callbacks live chat statistics, attach files to any live chat etc.

Chaty WordPress Plguin

Free Live Chat Support

Free Live Chat Support WordPress plugin has more than 1000 active with 23 ratings. They have also some nice features that give your website great leads and conversion options. Free Live Chat Support plugin Free Plan offers 3 agents, unlimited websites, and unlimited simultaneous chats including unlimited chat sessions and the chat history as well. They have also iOS and Android that supports live chat. Live Chat is another very popular live chat plugin for WordPress. As of today, they have more than 200,000 active downloads and 115 ratings with 5 stars. Their easy integration process made it a unique plugin. Not only that,‘s easy-to-use interface is also loved by the users and that’s why lots of WordPress website users are using this plugin.

Chaty WordPress Live Chat Plugin

If you ask me which one is the best plugin to have live chat with website visitors then I will definitely tell you a few names such as JivoChat, Tidio,, Crisp and also Chaty. Chaty live chat plugin is also very popular. It is actually not only popular but also very very popular! It has more than 100K downloads and as of today more than 640 ratings with 5 stars.

Chaty WordPress live chat plugin has a floating chat widget that enables call buttons, contact icons, messages, telegram, email, SMS etc. You can integrate Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc on your website with this plugin. chat plugin

Chatra Live Chat Plugin

Chatra has only 4000 downloads but it is becoming popular day by day. Chatra Live Chat allows you to answer questions to help your website visitors to place an order. You can use it from a web dashboard or desktop app. It works for Windows & Mac including iOS and Android apps.

One of the main features of that plugin is its real-time visitor list. You can view the list of visitors who are currently online on your website and start a conversation manually! I really loved that feature. Not only that, you can use bots to collect visitors’ contact details and then offer a quick option for FAQ (frequently asked questions) so that your website visitors get the right answers they want instantly.

Pure Chat Plugin for WordPress

Pure Chat WordPress Live Chat plugin is also becoming popular day by day. Like other plugins, it offers unlimited chats. Pure Chat also offers widget customizations, transcript history, triggers, and email forms on their free plan. As of today, they have more than 10,000 downloads and have 29 ratings with 5 stars.


Nowadays, a chat plugin is very important for your website if you want more sales. Chat plugins can bring more and more conversion and convert your visitors into real money! If you have a WordPress website then consider installing a chat plugin from the list we have mentioned above. I believe, that from this post you will get the best free live chat plugin for WordPress and it will be helpful for you. If you find this post helpful then please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

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