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Advise, consultation and recommendations from the alphanauten from Unna. We are an award-winning German full-service agency, and we are available to advise you on all of your open questions. Here on this page you will find a clear summary of our consulting services. We also offer special eCommerce advice on Shopware projects. Or did you end up here because you are looking for the digital consulting?

eCommerce consulting with a full focus on performance

What type of consultations are possible? We offer eCommerce consulting, digital consulting and global business consulting. A consultation covers a variety of services and sub-topics. The overviews of the subtopics are at the below:

Click on one of the links to find the right advice for you directly from us. Global consultations:

  • Logistics optimization
  • Process consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Project management

And here you can browse directly to the popular pages with our Shopware advise. Use the alphanauten’s experience for your project and let us give you comprehensive advise. We look forward to your request for advise.

Digital consulting offers @alphanauten Unna. Find out now and book a forward-looking consulting service. Our management consultations and other consultancies are in great demand. It’s best to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation today.

Premium management consultancy in Germany

Below is a list of our consulting services with a corresponding description. Perhaps very unusual consultations are also possible. That’s why please don’t hesitate to contact us now with your questions about advice from Germany’s premium digital agency. Did you know that we are an Alchimedus-certified management consulting agency? We know the ways to support your business and we maintain a broad network of technicians, marketing professionals and other senior specialists. At alphanauten we deliver premium management consultancies in German-speaking countries.

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Logistics optimization

We advise eCommerce entrepreneurs and regular logistics groups on how to optimize logistics processes. Ultra-modern logistics is essential in both stationary and online retail. Nowadays, it is important to examine every single step and optimize it if necessary. Routes, pickup lists, warehouse structuring, personnel planning… the list of important points in logistics is long. Click here if you need professional advice on logistics optimization.

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Process consulting

There are countless processes in every company. Logistics, for example, is part of the processes in a company with a delivery or shipping business. Alphanauten digital agency is well versed in optimizing a wide range of processes. We see the bigger image and can provide independent, individual advice on process optimization. We see the weak points in your processes and provide appropriate recommendations for improvement. On the following page, you will find detailed information about process consultation with alphanauten from Unna.

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Technology consulting

Nowadays, the lifespan of the technologies used is very short. New technologies are constantly being developed and old technologies are being replaced or expanded. You can no longer rely on a system that runs well because it may have a serious weak point tomorrow. Entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed by their in-house technology. Until you bring us into the team, we will advise you in understandable language on all relevant technologies in your environment.

Alphanauten from Unna are a modern agency with a strong focus on digital technologies. Some call us nerds, others praise us as technology gods. No matter how you handle it, we are your strong partner for sound technology advice.

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Project management

This year, old guard project managers are on the market. With expertise and experience from the last decades. Expertise and experience convince every long-established entrepreneur. And there is a completely new generation of young project managers with a completely different view and attitude to management principles. The young project managers are into Scrum, Kanban and with other similar. The project managers of the older generation tend to focus on traditional project management principles.

At alphanauten, we combine the knowledge of long-established project managers and the new principles of the young generation. Thanks to our strong roster of over 20 permanent employees with a wealth of experience, we can provide perfect advice on your project management style. We don’t mince words and tell everyone involved clearly where things are going wrong.

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Next level business consulting!

Advice with a full focus on our customers’ core business

Consulting agency in Ruhrpott

Effective consultations with our experienced managers. Here we present a typical project process for a consultation with  alphanauten. Click on the following link to send us a message directly with your first request. We will then have a free initial consultation with you for orientation.

  1. Non-binding preliminary discussion and free initial consultation
  2. Creation of a tailor-made offer for advice
  3. Conducting a workshop with everyone involved
  4. Derivation of concrete measures for optimization
  5. Implementation of the measures from the consultation
  6. Analysis and follow-up measures for in-depth optimization

Consulting is our focus – Consulting in Germany

Alphanauten crew advises new entrepreneurs from all over Germany every week. From small solopreneurs to SMEs to the big international players. Our consultations are a guaranteed success for your company, regardless of size.

We are experts

We, the alphanauten from Unna in Germany, are particularly often booked for consulting services. We are experts in the field of consulting and a wide range of services related to B2C and B2B consulting. Our good references speak for themselves. Convince yourself of our brilliant services today and then ask us for advice.

Über Strategie bis zur Logistik

Von Business Strategien (Branding, relaunch etc.) bis zu komplexen Logistiklösungen. Wir bieten Beratungen für Unternehmen aller Größen und in allen Branchen. Wir beginnen dabei stets mit der Analyse des Umfelds von deiner Nische. Wir beobachten die Wettbewerber und liefern wichtige Erkenntnisse. Im weiteren Verlauf entwickeln wir eine fundierte Strategie.

Advice for all industries

Professional and regular advice is importance for companies in all sectors. The experienced alphanauten managers, consultants and advisors have extensive knowledge of various industries. We understand your specific challenges. Our consultations span across all sectors; we offer solutions and ideas for:

  • Small business owner
  • Startups
  • Retail trade (B2C)
  • Wholesale trade (B2B)
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Service provider
  • Non-profit organizations (NGO)
  • And many more…

All consultants from alphanauten use their many years of industry knowledge and deliver tailor-made solutions. We work very closely with our customers to implement the respective solutions from the consultation. Click on one of the links to get in-depth and comprehensive information on the topic: logistics optimization, process consulting, technology consulting, project management. We look forward to your inquiries. Thank you for visiting our business consulting page.

Advice from an excellent German agency, our plus points

  1. Consulting is one of our specializations
  2. Working in trading and sales for 10 years
  3. We run a successful online shop by ourselves including logistics
  4. Our consultants are Digital Natives, online enthusiasts and innovators
  5. We have advised project partners of all levels of complexity
  6. All employees of alphanauten are permanently employed— we do not work with freelancers
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