SEO Suite: App of the month for December 2022

SEO Suite App of the month

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One of the best SEO Plugins for Online Shops SEO Suite Plugin from alphanauten was selected as ‘App of the month’ for December 2022 by Shopware. Because of its extraordinary features, Shopware took that decision. Not only that SEO Suite was ‘App of the week‘ in July 2022 just after releasing the App. SEO Suite also took part in the App Contest of Shopware middle of this year.

Why did so many things happen to SEO Suite Plugin within a short period of time? The answer is very easy! Because of its unique features and pricing. It’s a complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solution for an online shop made with Shopware.

What is the App of the month of Shopware?

As per Shopware, App of the month is an App or Plugin that meets the quality criteria to be featured on the Shopware store. This is a kind of award for the Shopware plugin developers. When an App is selected as App of the month by Shopware then it stays featured on the store for one month. In 2018 Shopware started this option.

How does Shopware select the App of the month?

Shopware selects the App of the month based on some criteria. The number one criteria is App’s quality. Besides that, they also consider the number of downloads of the App, ratings, compatibility of the latest Shopware version etc. And the Plugin or App should be Open Source
and certified by Shopware as well.

SEO Suite App of the month

SEO Suite: What’s the specialty?

Some special features made SEO Suite unique from other SEO tools for Shopware such as SERP Preview, Readability Score, Lighthouse Performance Score, Built-in Keyword Research option etc. Not only that SEO Suite has many more options to have better visibility on Search Engines including Google.

If you are thinking to optimize your product pages for Google then SEO Suite would be a great tool to make on-page SEO. Not only that it analyzes the Technical SEO as well within a click!

Features of SEO Suite plugin (Cloud App)

There are plenty of features in the SEO Suite plugin. From overall SEO Score check to Readability Score check, SERP Preview, Individual SEO results, Related Keywords you can see within a panel. The other features of this cloud-based Shopware SEO App are in a brief as below:

  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Overall SEO Score
  • Readability Analysis
  • Clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Overall SEO Score check
  • Readability Analysis
  • Google Preview or SERP Preview
  • Individual SEO results for each segment
  • SEO Title Score
  • Keyword Density Score
  • Title Length Checker
  • Cloud-based, no extra cost
  • SEO Product Name
  • Focus keyword(s) selection
  • Product Description
  • Metadata writing box
  • Meta title rewriting option
  • Keyphrases selection
SEO Suite App of the week
SEO Suite was also App of the Week in July 2022

Price of SEO Suite

Shopware SEO Suite app costs per month only 29€. But sometimes we offer special discount prices, occasionally. Such as the Black Friday sale, Summer sale, Cyber week, Christmas sale etc. We reduce prices by up to 50% on special occasions. To get that price please always have a look at our SEO plugin page on Shopware. If you have any queries about this plugin/app then you are more than welcome to contact us.


End of this small blog post, I would like to say, if you have an online shop made by Shopware then you must try our SEO Suite App. Because of its features, your company will be benefited. By doing SEO for your shop you can increase the sell dramatically. So let’s have a try!

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