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Store owners and online retailers across the world are looking for ways to increase sales and improve customer experience. One of the ways you can do this is by installing some Best Shopware Plugins. There are many benefits to having a great plugin from Shopware Store. In this post, we will discuss the 5 Best Shopware Plugins by alphanauten.

If you ever find yourself wishing that Shopware had a little more power, there are plenty of plugins that can help make your life easier. But how do you choose which plugins to install? Which are the best plugins for Shopware? Here we’ll go over some of the best plugins we recommend from our list and those are made by certified Shopware expert alphanauten.

5 Best Shopware Plugins by alphanauten

There are hundreds of plugins on the Shopware store. Sometimes you might be confused about which plugin you should buy or use. Like other publishers, alphanauten is also regularly publishing plugins or apps for Shopware. So far our creative and expert Shopware team crafted 21 great plugins for Shopware.

Now you may ask, all are our plugins so good? Well, to be honest, every plugin has its own pros and cons and features. For your ease, we have selected the 5 Best Shopware Plugins created by alphanauten. We will cover here their features including prices and so on here. So let’s have a look at what they…

  1. One-Stop-Shop (OSS)-Plugin
  2. Popups with emotion worlds
  3. Profit Calculator Plugin for Online Shop (Admin Profit)
  4. SEO Suite – The tool for search engine optimization
  5. Instagram Emotion Element – Grid

We will now see their details such as functionality, price etc one by one. But before jumping into that section let us know what is the Shopware and Shopware plugins as well.

Shopware and Shopware Plugin: What is that?

Shopware and Shopware Plugin are essentially apps meant to help businesses manage their inventory, but how similar or different could they possibly be? Let’s find out by breaking down all the similarities and differences between these two!

Shopware is an eCommerce software (CMS) that helps entrepreneurs or shop owners to sell their products online. It has a lot of plugins that you can use to integrate your Shopware system, which will allow your customers to shop on your website without having to go back and forth. That means plugins make your shop more professional and easier for the customers.

On the other hand, a Shopware plugin is an extension or program embedded with code designed to extend functionality in a web browser. It plugs into the underlying functionality of the browser so that it can intercept requests, modify or replace responses and provide special services.

Best Shopware Plugins
Best Shopware Plugins

What does the plugin do?

Plugins work on request on each website they are integrated with while remaining invisible to end users. In our case, we are talking about Shopware plugins. You may wonder, how hard to install a Shopware plugin. In reality, it is not hard at all who have basic knowledge of a website. Please check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to install Shopware plugin.

But still now if you are not able to do that then please don’t hesitate to contact our creative, friendly, super active and of course F*CKING AWESOME team 😉 They will help you as always with a smiley face 🙂

So, you have more idea now, about what is Shopware and what is Shopware plugin! Right? Now we are gonna explain to you our 5 Best Shopware Plugins.

One-Stop-Shop (OSS)-Plugin for Online Shop

Without any introduction I would say, if you have a Shopware-based online store then you should have One-Stop Shop (OSS) Plugin for Online Shop. One of the best plugins is One-Stop Shop (OSS) Plugin for Online Shop.

If you are looking for a plugin that calculates automatically the EU country tax rate then this plugin is for you. Our OSS Plugin will set the tax rate automatically up. Not only that, it has an option to backup and then restore the configuration before setup. Optionally, it can be defined that the gross prices should remain the same despite VAT changes.

Best Shopware Plugins OSS Plugin
One of the Best Shopware Plugins by alphanauten

OSS plugin is ready for Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 as well. Our One Stop Shop Plugin, popularly known as ‘OSS Plugin’, is a dynamic shop plugin that gives you more flexibility than other plugins on the Shopware market. As always, the development process of our one-stop-shop plugin was done with our customer’s needs in mind.

OSS plugin simplifies the annoying bureaucracy surrounding the “EU VAT digital package”. With this plugin, you can easily implement the regulations on the one-stop-shop control panel decided by the EU to make your life easier when selling a product!

Exclusive features of the OSS Plugin

  • It works in the backend and does the calculations individually for each country
  • Specifying the correct value-added tax, even for goods deliveries to other EU countries
  • All changes from MOSS to OSS are automatically taken into account
  • In the new procedure, mail order becomes distance selling (up to 150 euros)
  • Customer orders via electronic interfaces are also taken into account
  • The tax rates of the EU countries are set automatically
  • Backup function to restore pre-setup configuration
  • Can be defined that the gross prices should remain the same despite changes in the VAT
  • When it comes to pricing, we have two options…

Standard: The net price remains the same and the gross price adapts to the tax rate of the respective country.

A small example:
DE 19% VAT: Net sales price €100 incl. VAT 19% VAT = sales price in Germany €119.00 (incl. 19% VAT) for shop customers
DK 25% VAT: Net sales price €100 incl. VAT 25% VAT = sales price in Denmark €125.00 (incl. 25% VAT) for shop customers
WITH 20% VAT: Net sales price €100 incl. VAT 20% VAT = sales price in Austria €120.00 (incl. 20% VAT) for shop customers

Alternatively: The gross price remains the same and the net price is adjusted to the tax rate of the country.

As of now, we have more than 200 happy customers for this awesome OSS Plugin. Now you may ask how much it costs. Actually, we have a different pricing model. If you buy it for one year then we will give you free support. Our subscription-based prices are:

You can buy this plugin for €299 or can rent it monthly for €29.99.

Popup with emotion worlds plugin

In our list, we have another popular plugin that is used by more than 350 customers. And liked by all customers, got 5* ratings. This plugin is popularly known as Popup with emotion worlds or in German PopUp für Einkaufswelten. Some awesome features made this plugin so unique.

As you know, Pop-ups are still one of the biggest revenue drivers. That’s why we have made this plugin. With our pop-up plugin, you can individually set how often and on which pages the user should see the pop-up. You can create and change your intelligent popup easily in the shopping world. You don’t need expensive agencies. From today you are the master of this smart sales tool.

Finally, with this plugin, there is also a high-performance solution for Shopware to present your products or promotions in a targeted manner. The visitor does not have to be greeted with a popup every time they visit.

What does the Popup plugin do?

Do you want to stage a product or campaign attractively for your customers? Then the Alpha Popup Plugin is ideal for you. This plugin enables you to create individual popups quickly and effortlessly via Shopware’s shopping worlds. Simply create a shopping world for your popup, add e.g. a banner with the desired graphic from the shopping world elements using drag & drop.

Popup plugin Shopware online shop

With the pop-up plugin, you can define the displayed size of the popup for all common screen sizes. The shape of the popup can be defined as a rectangle, circle etc.

In addition, you can choose one of many predefined styles that support your popup’s message such as ‘summer sale’ or any other seasonal sales etc. You can use the settings to determine subtleties such as the fade-in and fade-out times, padding, frames and shadows.

You can also define the time that the popup remains hidden after a visitor has seen it. This gives you complete freedom to decide at what intervals the popup is presented to your customers and you can minimize any frustration that may arise for the user, who may be annoyed if the same popup is displayed too quickly.

Main features of Popup Plugin

  • Create different types of pop-ups
  • Can be generated quickly and effortlessly
  • Adjustable time interval until the user sees the popup again
  • Customizable appearance
  • The individual cookie expiry time
  • Different display sizes
  • A selection of styles that support the popup graphically
  • Popup customizable for all common screen sizes
  • Adjustable fade-in and fade-out time, padding, border and shadow
  • Targeted placement of pop-ups

You can buy Popup with emotion worlds plugin for €249 or can rent it monthly for €25.

Profit Calculator Plugin for Online Shop (Admin Profit)

If you are looking for a plugin to see your profit from your online store, then Online Store Profit Margin Calculator Plugin is the best choice for you. With our Profit Margin Calculator plugin, you can see your profit and related data at a glance in your shop’s admin panel.

Our Profit Admin plugin adds a new module in the admin area. Then this module will show you a list of all orders and the profit. It’s a great plugin to analyze your profit so that you can take more initiatives for your business.

shopware profit calculator plugin
Shopware profit calculator plugin

Admin Profit Plugin gives you the option to check profit by selecting a date range like weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or any date range. You can add a profit group in the plugin dashboard. Also, you can set your profit margin with colors like green, yellow, and red.

Our Profit Margin Calculator plugin will help you calculate net profit or gross profit. If you have a question about how to calculate profit margin percentage or net profit, then don’t worry, just relax! Our plugin will do it for you! It will make your business calculation so easy and quick.

Main features of the Profit Calculator Plugin

  • Shows you the profit per order
  • Profit details page
  • Filter option
  • Great plugin to analyze your profit
  • Profit is highlighted by its margin
  • Quick overview of your profit
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Profit module option
  • You can export your profit margin data to a .CSV file
  • Shows the profit for each order
  • Profit Module Option
  • View data with a linear chart
  • Profit check per order
  • Profit highlights based on its margin
  • The plugin adds a new Profit module under the Order Tab

Profit Calculator Plugin costs 299€. Or you can rent it on a monthly basis, which costs 35€ per month.

SEO Suite – The tool for search engine optimization

If you are an Internet entrepreneur then you know how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is! For your ease, we have made another great plugin/app for your online shop. SEO Suite is relatively new but has already gotten huge attention from shop owners.

Our cloud-based SEO Suite Plugin for Shopware clearly displays the most important metrics for search engine optimization. Our toolset will not only help to optimize descriptions, titles and meta-data but also offers the possibility to understand the performance (SEO) of the products.

Alphanauten team created a simple interface for the SEO Suite plugin which should be seamlessly integrated into Shopware 6 in order to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get started.

SEO Plugin for Shopware
SEO Plugin for Shopware by alphanauten

The SEO Suite helps to implement the best practices of the SEO components of the products. For titles, descriptions, keywords, meta-data and much more.

This plugin analyzes all products in the system for their content and combines a wide variety of metrics to determine a global SEO score. A simple representation also makes it easy to see how many products have already been optimized and which products still need work.

The SEO Suite app also calculates the readability of the content using various algorithms and thus offers a quick overview of the potential for improvement of the content, which is also important without regard to SEO.

If you wanna check Google Preview or SERP Preview for your products then SEO Suite would be the perfect solution. That means you have an easy way of directly controlling the metadata and display on Google and so on.

Features of SEO Suite Plugin

  • Focus keyword analysis for SEO
  • Lighthouse Performance Score
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Text length check for title, description and metadata
  • Analysis of keywords in texts and headers
  • Checks the structure of the description for SEO
  • Readability Analysis (Readability Score)
  • Images are checked for missing alt tags

SEO Plugin you can rent on a monthly basis, which costs only 39€ per month.

Instagram Emotion Element – Grid

Instagram Emotion Element – Grid is another great plugin for Shopware-based online shops. If you wanna show your Instagram feed on your shop’s front-end then Instagram Emotion Element – Grid plugin is the right choice for you. This plugin will show the feeds you need. It will enhance your shopping world with a feed from Instagram.

The Instagram Feed Plugin adapts to all mobile devices and maximizes the usability of your customers. With the Shopware caching function, you can freely choose how often the content of the feed should be called up.

So everyone can find the optimal combination of topicality and performance. With our plugin, you can display your Instagram stream in a grid. You may ask what about the responsiveness? We know actually how important responsiveness is!

Instagram Feed Plugin for Shopware
Instagram Feed Plugin for Shopware

We also believe in, ‘mobile first!’. That’s why we made an Instagram Feed plugin that will adapt to all mobile devices and maximizes the usability of your customers.

The grid display allows you to create numerous layouts simply by selecting the number of columns and rows. An optional space between the individual elements complements the grid. The display works in all types of shopping worlds, regardless of whether it is resized, fluid or in rows.

This plugin will help you to enhance your relationship with your customers in the long term by interacting with your Instagram followers and strengthening customer loyalty.

Main Features of the Instagram Feed Plugin

  • Instagram stream in a grid
  • Instagram Feed adapts to all devices
  • Work with the Shopware caching function
  • You can decide how often the content of the feed should be called up
  • Display the number of likes and comments
  • Easily integrate your Instagram account
  • Internal caching for reliable display without crashes
  • Simple settings and easy-to-use

The price model of the Instagram Feed (grid) Plugin is also very simple. You can either buy it with only 249€ one-time fee or can rent it monthly for 25€.

Final thoughts about Best Shopware Plugins

When it comes to talking about Shopware, you don’t want to spend your time wondering where your tools are or how to install them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 5 Best Shopware Plugins, so you can be more organized and productive in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a plugin that will help you track inventory, create sales reports, or optimize your product listing, these plugins will help take the hassle out of running your store. Check out our list of the best plugins for Shopware from alphanauten and decide which one is perfect for you!

So give them a try and see how they can help to grow your business within a short period of time! I believe this list of Shopware Best Plugins will help you out. If you find this post helpful then, please share it with others.

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